League of Legends for Mac

League of Legends for Mac

The epic MMORPG game arrives on Mac


  • Excellent controls
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Great sound and graphics
  • Dynamic team play


  • Games are really long
  • Startup can be slow
  • Requires signing up for an account

Very good

Mac users have had to wait a long time but Riot Games has finally released League of Legends for Mac. The game is currently in beta but a full release is expected within the next month.

League of Legends for Mac is an epic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) tower defense game that's been available on Windows for many years but has only just been released on Mac after much clamoring by fans of the game.

League of Legends for Mac is played from a top-down perspective in two teams of five. Each team has a base, surrounded by lots of protective turrets. Outside that area is the opposing team's area. Every player controls a "Champion" of which there are various kinds. These are supported by spawning minions who accompany players on journeys and suffer most of the hits. League of Legends for Mac is mainly controlled via the keyboard and mouse although there are lots of spells and special attacks for you to use during the game, which make it more complex.

The main aim of League of Legends is to battle through enemy minions, destroying enough defense turrets to create a path to the enemy 'ancient'. Once that is destroyed, you win the game. It may sound simple but while it is simple to pick up and hugely addictive, League of Legends takes a long time to master. The defense turrets aren't easy to destroy, even without enemy attackers, so it's an achievement to manage one.

The more you play, the more experience you gain, which gives you access to more spells and strength, which make all the difference in a game. If your team is a little weaker, then defeat may feel certain, even though it takes ages!

League of Legends for Mac looks good, with an attractive yet clear style, similar to World of Warcraft (but not in 3D). The sound is well done and professional making League of Legends a fantastic free game and one of the most polished you will play.

League of Legends for Mac is a compelling multiplayer Tower Defense game which is hard to give up once you've started.

League of Legends for Mac


League of Legends for Mac

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